What is SEND2Pay?

It’s a platform for smartphone payments

To be more precise, our system enables several ways of payment for you – SMS, credit card, cash, Send2Pay points, PayPal, Paysafecard and Send2Pay voucher… Everyone can register on our platform, create a user profile, use our app and all of it’s functionalities. It is user friendly for end consumers, but focused on the needs of business users also.

Send2Pay features

Install our app and pay securely and safely with your smartphone

Find Send2Pay partners quickly

Find our growing list of partners easily with send2Pay app.

Easy & Safe Payments

Avoid security risks with cash handling. Just pay easily with your smartphone.

Promote your business

Send2Pay is a perfect platform for finding a service or product when you need them at the closest possible location. Find what you need and pay for it with your smartphone.

Get Send2Pay Now!
Get Send2Pay Now!